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Whether it's a book-length work or some other piece of writing you are seeking help with, we will work with you to make it sparkle.

A good editor

…knows when to step in and when to back off

…will never try to change your unique style and voice, but may encourage you to find and develop that voice

…will respect your writing

…will work towards one simple goal: to help shape your work to be the best it can be

…will make edits to the best of their professional judgement

…will tighten your work and make it feel more professional, even if the edits are few

…will highlight areas where the tension or pacing sags or where something doesn’t feel quite right, whether that’s character, structure, plot, tone, dialogue or some other issue

...will highlight areas where you still have work to do

…will take a macro view, considering overall cohesion and narrative and character arcs

…will suggest areas for development, where appropriate

…will consider commercial potential, if you are seeking publication

…will listen to you

Ultimately, it is your work. The final decision in any editorial matter is yours. A good editor understands and respects this.



We offer manuscript feedback, editing, coaching and mentoring.

We can read your manuscript and give you a detailed report (generally 8–12 pages) covering everything you need to know about strengths and weaknesses in premise, plot, structure, narrative arc, character, voice, tone, setting, pacing, tension, dialogue, theme, motifs, marketability and anything else relevant to your manuscript. Or you may simply be looking for someone to pinpoint where your manuscript isn't quite right.

We can do a full copy-edit, if your book is already polished.

If you'd like more in-depth input over a longer period, to see a piece of writing from infancy to maturity perhaps, or simply to coach the best writer out of you, get in touch and we can have a chat about mentoring. For mentoring to work well, it is key for you to connect with your mentor, to make sure they understand what you wish to get out of the process. A good mentor should stretch you and tease the best writer out of you, helping you to identify your own weak areas and ultimately enabling you to self-edit effectively. We only run a limited number of mentorships each year since it is such an involved process.

For pricing and things to consider before submitting, see Pricing page.

“The most amazing editor in all the land”

Joan Haig, author

Morag M

“Miranda did a fantastic job looking through my manuscript. Her report was thorough and her comments were all incredibly helpful for re-imagining and restructuring the story, which improved considerably as a result. Extremely perceptive and intuitive, she leaves no stone unturned. I would highly recommend her sharp eye and mind.”

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